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Taking Inventory

This one hit home for me. I’ve been feeling the low swing of the pendulum for a while. I’m sure a lot of it is due to the stress of the pandemic that’s taking over our world, but I know more is coming from feeling trapped by my circumstances.

This is a very common feeling, but it’s primarily rooted in emotion. When we allow ourselves to sit in our lower emotions, we more often react to our circumstances.

Our state of mind then dictates those reactions. In order to respond to our circumstances in a positive way, vs. reacting to the moves life is make on us, we need to live in a positive light. I’m not saying that we need to “put away all negative thoughts”. I believe that can be a dangerous and ignorant approach if done incorrectly. There’s a right way to not give in to negativity, but the easiest way is to focus on the positive.

Hill’s Inventory recommendation is a fantastic way to bring the positive to the forefront of your mind in a realistic, irrefutable way, that leads you to a balanced state of mind. Try it. If it doesn’t work for you, you can throw it out and move on with your life. You’ve got nothing to lose except a few pieces of paper.

If it does work, you have the world to gain.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Learn to count your blessings and assets more often than you do your troubles and problems, and put them uppermost in your mind.

  2. Make a written inventory of them, and read them whenever you start to worry.

  3. Learn to regard your problems as stepping stones to success.

  4. Remember that every bad situation could be worse.

  5. Never let a day go by without a prayer of thanks for the bounty you enjoy, no matter how small it is.

  6. Go out of your way every day to spend part of your time and energy helping others.

  7. Remember that no problem is unique or new. You can always seek advice or help from others who have been there.

  8. You are never alone. A greater power is with you always.

  9. Make it a policy to meet your problems head-on, in a spirit of audacity, courage, and decisiveness.

Napoleon Hill’s A Year of Growing Rich: 52 Steps to Achieving Life’s Rewards has helped me stir up the much needed motivation I need to keep pursuing my goals. You can pick up a copy of this book from the Napoleon Hill Foundation or your local book store.

If you’re looking for a much more personalized, pocket-sized notebook, my friend at Die Fighting Leather Co. customized a Field Note cover for me that goes with me everywhere. Hit him up on Instagram to get your own.

Conjure your dream

[Originally published through Conjure Board 04.03.2020]



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